Col Lawton & Michael McCrystal – Always Be My Lover

Deep Fix boss man back doing his thing in 2023 and what a way to start with this epic track made with North East Guitarist Michael McCrystal they have created a track with funk, deep and rock that crosses boundaries on the dance floor. Story of always being in love let the story build and feel them epic guitar riffs and runs, sublime underground production.

Col invited Juan Mejia on this project knowing the vibe and the elements in the original would really fit Juan’s style and guess what….it did…what a great remix full of flavours giving you the sense of its time to spark up a cigar and take a sip of Brandy. Juan using the guitars to full effect such a great remix.

If you like your music with big subby stabs well La Riff has created a big remix taking the original and spinning it on its head creating a deep dubby vibe with captivating sounds, a remix from the Heart.