At Deep Fix Recordings we put our efforts into helping promote artists that we sign.  We pride ourselves on setting ourselves apart from other labels and we promote not just your music with us but You also become part of our Family.  

We have a solid team at Deep Fix with many years of experience throughout our line up of artists. 

Artists who have their demo accepted onto Deep Fix Recordings will receive track mastering, promotional materials and will be included in promotional activities. 

Sending a Demo…

We get it… you’ve got a new track and are exited to share it and maybe get it signed. Take a moment to read this ‘how to submit a demo’ guide and improve your chances of us listening, responding and maybe signing your work.

1. If you’re sending this track to 10 other labels don’t bother us. We are only interested in music that was created for us.

2. Only send streaming links, we never download zip files, click Dropbox etc – upload it privately to Soundcloud and send us the secret link to listen to with some words to explain it all.

3. Think – is the sound right for Deep Fix? Take the time to listen to the tracks we’ve released and ask yourself does your track suit the sound?

4. Don’t just send us a link to your profile or 20 different tracks – we’re too busy to go through your entire catalogue to find something – choose your tracks wisely.

5. Give us some useful info about you (eg. other labels and producers you’ve worked with or why us?).

6. If you’re using uncleared samples – get clearance before you contact us.

7. Name your demo Track 1, Track 2… label your tracks well so we can remember them when we’re discussing them (eg. Artist Name – Title – Version – etc).

8. Be patient! Due to the amount of mail we receive it might take us time to get back to you – but we will! 

Ticked all those boxes? Email us by hitting the envelope below;