The Vision

To challenge the very meaning of Deep

To throw away the shackles of Genre

To bring you this vision from Artists from around the World.

The Team

Deep Fix Recordings is a record label which represents everything Deep House from Deep Tech all the way to Deep Downtempo….if it’s Deep we will listen. The label is ran by 4 passionate House Music lovers: Wez Hall, Col Lawton, Robbie Robinson & Brian Jordison, a team with a vast amount of music experience stemming from years of being involved in the House music scene.

Deep Fix Recordings have a label ethos “To challenge the very meaning of Deep, To throw away the shackles of Genre, To bring you this vision from Artists from around the World”. They run their label like a family offering advice and support. They give new and established artists a platform to grow, the idea of Deep Fix is to give the artists all the limelight they deserve from interviews, guest mixes and promoting EPs making sure the artist gets heard.


Captured in the 90s as late teen by the parties ran by Shindig (Newcastle), the next twenty years within the House Music World was set for Wez. From running nights to agency work he’s had a hand in the underground scene for many years. Recent alumni of the prestigious Point Blank Music Academy in London, Wez brings modern specialist industry expertise.

Wez BK



Using his pocket money to buy vinyl’s and tapes, Col was drawn to house music in the early 2000s. Col loves to create music whether it is producing and looking for a particular sound that evokes those strong emotions or whether it is just creating music that brings new people into his life. He has amassed a solid successful repertoire of music with established labels building contacts across the globe. Col is currently working with some of the biggest names within the industry in many different capacities. Music that matters is his blue print.

Col Lawton



Like a rabbit caught in the head lights, Robbie has been under the spell of the House Music Party since 2000. Be it promoting, holding events and festivals, DJing, radio presenting or video presenting he always strives to the bring that energy and make sure the House Music Party remains alive and kicking. Robbie currently runs the artist development within the label and is cohost on House Music Matters, a popular House Music radio show with Col.

Robbie Robinson

Artist Development


Bri Jordison

Head of Logistics and Supplies