Col Lawton – Room

Our very own Col brings a diverse EP with production partner in crime Wez BK on the remixes. ‘Room’ is a beauty of a deep house track filling it will all the right flavours from a chuggy bass line to hooky vocals, lovely synth stabs made to keep you listening to the music journey from start to finish.

Col throws one down for the dance floor in this one ‘Nobody in Sight’. A powerful bass line driving this track along you have to get up and dance! Chunky but Funky as we call it at Deep Fix clever use of musical stabs and hooks really good deep house track.

Boss man Wez loves throwing his spin on remixes and ‘Room (Wez BK remix)’ oozes the wonky Wez remix style with that chunky deep baseline and quirky stabs and sounds Wez turns this one into a dance floor head and foot stomper.

Great remix of ‘Nobody in Sight’ from Wez using many of the original elements and using them well, great hooks from the instruments and amazing drum patterns another chunky funky remix with Wez’s signature sound stamped all over it, addictively good.