Jimmen – Hypnotized [DFIX023]

Jimmen brings his beautiful deep hose vibe to Deep Fix. Jimmen produces hypnotic enchanting music in his own unique way blending melodies and vocals. Hypnotized represents Jimmen’s style. Starting with strong beats and drums and when the vocal hits you you’re ready to float away to a different land. Enjoy this piece of musical art.

Clever use of pads and dark deep baseline stabs gets your attention with this track “Draw the Line”. More enchanting vocals from Jimmen helping this deep magnetic track float along. This one needs to be played in a small dark room nightclub letting the synths take you to a new place. Such a wonderful piece of music to play and enjoy.

Thunderous kicks lets you know “Cold World” means business from the start. You can get lost in this track with distorted vocals that rattle around your mind. This one compliments the 3 track EP showing Jimmen’s talent to make deep wonderful music.