Lee Houser

The standout DJ & Production duo LEE HOUSER has been gaining popularity with their unique underground tracks & powerhouse b2b DJ sets.

Longtime friends, Jon Lee (hailing from the dance floors & DJ booths of Seattle & Vancouver, BC) and Simon Houser (previously from NYC) have each been DJing since the early 90’s and in recent years have joined forces and created a distinctive sound by regularly doing work in the studio and behind the decks.

Lee Houser steadily push their production skills bit by bit through the creation of forward-thinking dance floor tracks that tend to have warm, deep dub grooves with a tough, techy afterhours vibe.

Lee Houser have releases on Tilted Records, Late Night Munchies, Uniting Souls Music, Filter Music, Savia Park, Proper Slap, Cicuito, Hi Pro-File Recordings, Kiko Records, NAM Recordings, Black Bug, FTC Recordings, Anadamide, Blue Orb, and Denied Music. 2020 is shaping up to be another productive year with even more releases in the works.