Manuel Costela – Impossible Love

Manuel joins the Deep Fix family with a stunning first EP we are so pleased to be working Manuel being a top top deep house producer.

Impossible Love – what a track and what a baseline…. this track is a great example of a smooth deep house produced with a slice of class using a bass line that will melt your deep house heart. Great percussion helps this baseline bubble along as it takes you on a journey of LOVE. Excellent work from Manuel.

Impossible Love VALL remix – We asked VALL to jump on this remix and we were not disappointed knowing VALL’s style he gives this remix an injection of pace and upbeat punch for the dance floor using that hypnotic thumping grooving baseline to create the perfect remix for this project.

Dangerous Caresses – Manuel completes his first EP with us with a deep dirty grumbling house track full of dark and light shades of rhythm one of them tracks perfect for a dark corners of the dance floor with amazing use of pads and instruments Manuel creates a space to think and to enjoy the quality in this production.