Sonic Dust – Stay With You

Sonic Dust brings us our forty third instalment “Stay With You” a nice four track Deep House Release.

Hold on tight as “Stay With You” will have your feet moving. A great bit of musical art and excellent production with a great bassline. Wonderful use of arp and vocal stabs, Sonic Dust showing their production quality. Beautiful music.

Moody deep vocal house with such a good vibe. The hooks of the vocals get stuck in your mind and you will find yourself ‘Fallin’ in love with this special track. This track builds and builds making sure you stay connected to the feeling of this track.

Dip, deep house fire at its pure core. Follow the journey of this stunning track as it carries you along with its hypnotic vibes and wonderful production. Amazing synths and a bassline when it drops, kicks you right in the head. Wonderful bit of musical art.

Wonderful name for a wonderful track ‘the slimy’ is enchanting, haunting, dark, dirty and downright filthy. Such a unique piece of music that we are very proud to have on Deep Fix Recording. If you like your music to take your mind on a journey this is the track for you.