V77NNY – Some Hood [DFIX021]

V77NY brings us our twenty first instalment “Some Hood”. Two Deep Tech tracks, with two collaboration remixes from our good friend in Newcastle upon Tyne.

V77NNY is back on Deep Fix this time with a deep house chugger showing his versatility as a producer. Some Hood fuses deep house and hip hop in a very clever way with amazing synth work and a bubbling bass line that keeps the track chugging along. Keep listening for the beautiful strings which just drag your emotions into the track.  Excellent production from this up and coming Newcastle Upon Tyne producer.

It made sense to look to our USA deep chugger producers to remix Some Hood. Stranger Danger and Sen-sei have given this one an amazing remix.  From the first pulse of the bass line you are hooked into the groove. Sen-Sei is on keys giving this one his signature “Left Coast” feel. A must have remix.

Starting with a solid percussion beat “The Pistol Whip” keeps growing. Clever use of horns & saxophones keeps the sound of this EP more chunky and chugging with bass lines with a nice groove. V77NNY showing his musical style with great use of synths blending the melody with the power driven bass line. The track has a deep tropical feel at times with great use of percussion. Solid EP from a solid producer.

The Deep Fix bosses got hold of this one and gave this remix a spin on its head. Col & Wez combining styles with deep Rhodes chunky bass line, stabs and clever use of the vocals. They created a unique sounding remix full of captivating elements, keeps you listening till the end.