VALL & Raffael – Jazzy Keyz

VALL is a producer high on our list of producers we want to work with and we got our man, VALL supplying a supreme deep house EP.

Jazzy Keyz – what can we say about this…. nothing but amazing 8 minutes of pure deep house magic when we asked to work with VALL we did not expect this bit of magic we expected good not superb.. VALL’s elements in this track blend so well with hooky flutes and jazziness this is the sound we love at Deep Fix.

Jazzy Keys Manuel Remix – with the original of such high quality we only had 1 producer on our minds for this one…. Manuel Costela take a bow…. 9 minute journey remix full of pure delight like ice cream slowly melting on a summers day this one just melts into your mind. Addictive deep house for the heart and soul, great remix.

I Told You – experimental, deep, grooving and head nodding all in one deep house music recipe, VALL completes his first EP with Deep Fix showing his deep emotive yet grooving side. Another sublime production if you’re a deep house head get your head into VALL and his unique productions.